Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aveda's tourmaline charged radiance mask

Who doesn't want a face looking radiant and fresh? I've tried quite a few masks in my day, many say they will change your face on the very first application. This isn't true. But one sticks out that I really do think made a difference in my skin texture after every single application. It's Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Mask. I was gifted it originally and have since purchased it over and over again. Once a week I apply this mask and I feel like I am one of those girls in a movie who wears a mask and has her hair all pulled back typing away at her computer. That's ME... RIGHT NOW. If I were not dressed like a homeless person right now I would share a picture. The mask is on for 7-8 minutes, I totally wear it for much longer. Try not to go over 15. It doesn't harder, it just makes you look all white faced. The cats are staring at me right now with a look of confusion. My husband doesn't even think twice about it since he sees this happen once a week. So once I wash this off with warm water and a wash cloth, it can see and feel the difference. It's like new skin sitting waiting to be touched. I apply a generous amount of lotion and let it all soak in. I'm radiant and only spent $40.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nosefrida, The Snot Sucker

Yes, I am blogging about a SNOTSUCKER. Let's start off with the basics here, I know it sounds gross but I swear... If you are a mom of a new baby or have a friend who just had a baby. YOU NEED TO BUY NOSEFRIDA for yourself or as a gift. I first heard about it when I saw it at my sister's house... I was afraid to ask what it was. I thought it looked a little... uhhh, what's the word? PERSONAL? Then she told me that she uses it on the baby to get the snot out of the baby's nose and it that it was a MIRACLE. I saw it work as a miracle too. She inserted it in the baby's nose and placed the end of the tube to her lips and sucked. AND THEN THE BABY WAS HAPPY. That is really all you need to know. THE BABY WAS HAPPY. Check it out. You can buy at Whole Foods too. ** there is a filter, snot will not go in your mouth.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

oxo Good Grips CHOPPER

I had an incident with a knife that is making it difficult (physically and mentally) to chop veggies, so I purchased this Chopper. It's great! Granted doing it the old fashion way is still better in my eyes but if you have limited use of a thumb these days and can't bring yourself to pick up a sharp knife... this chopper may be one of your new favorite kitchen gadgets!

It is top rack dishwasher safe and I even found it on sale at Williams Sonoma for cheaper than at Bed Bath and Beyond, go figure! The cost is $15- worth it.

Now it's time to get cooking... CHOP CHOP- get to it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hilfiger Nantucket Beach Towels

We realized we don't have any beach towels in our house. Not that we need them that often since we don't have a beach nearby and we don't have a pool. Regardless of all that, we bought these today with my Mother In Law. Love them!! Upon purchase, conversation quickly led us to discussing renting a beach house in Rhode Island for the summer and ending with us setting dates and planning for the trip. I've heard of buying shoes and then finding the perfect dress for them... BUT have you ever heard of buying beach towels and then finding the perfect vacation for them? Well, now you have and so have I! Not to mention, it's not even like we are bringing these towels with us on the trip. I love my Mother In Law, we think the same way when it comes to shopping. Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Boots Cuticle Oil

There is one very easy way to save a manicure or pedicure... Cuticle Oil. Any will do but I particularly like Boots because of the adorable packaging. It works just as good as 99cent oil. Every time I notice my pedicure not looking as fresh anymore, all I need to do is dab a little cuticle oil on my toesies and they look all jazzed up in about 30 seconds.

Same goes for manicures, I don't get those too often though because then I won't wash any dishes for a week or really wash anything, clean anything or really actually move for fear of ruining my manicure or chipping a nail. But when my nails looks a bit tired or dry, dab dab here and dab dab there and they are refreshed. SOLD! Next time you are at Target, you can pick up Boots Cuticle Oil for $8 or you can really just buy whatever is the cheapest, they are all the same and have the same fabulous outcome.

Time to oil up, my little beauties.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Martha Stewart's Rub Away Bar

Cooking is something I do on a regular basis. Often times it involves cutting up onions and garlic and then I wash my hands and they still smell like onions and garlic. Soap just will not do. That is why Martha's RUB AWAY BAR is amazing. It is a hollow stainless steal bar, shaped like a bar of soap. All you do is rub your hands with it under water and it neutralizes the scent. It's pretty fantastic, people! How genius is this? It's one thing to make an amazing pot roast, but it's another to smell like one too.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Patricia Wexler Night Repair Cream

The time has come. I need to use a special night face cream. I've been using Patty's Night Reversal & Repair Cream for a couple years now and I still get carded sometimes when I buy alcohol (AND once last month while buying a lotto ticket!!) so I think it works pretty well. The good genes and extra weight I carry may help with keeping my baby face but I like to think this cream has a bit to do with it too. I like having that regime, it makes me feel like a starlet. I am going to admit that some nights (okay many nights) I barely wash my face but when I do, I am so good about applying this super think moisturizing cream to my face and neck. While I sleep, I envision everything being all repaired and perfect so when I wake up I look like Jennifer Lopez.

The entire Patricia Wexler line is pretty awesome. I use many of her products but this night cream is my fav! It's about $40 at Bath and Body Works, I use all sorts of coupons and often times it goes on sale. That's when I buy it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earth Therapeutics Moisturizing Socks & Gloves

Some people think going to sleep with sock on is just too uncomfortable... can you imagine sleeping with gloves on?! Both seemed like torture to me until I tried it. I still wake up quite often like M. Jackson (sans one glove), but for the most part, I keep them on. I do end up searching for the "other" glove, it's always somewhere in the the bed, or under the bed or beside the bed or even one time, it took 2 days to even find it but whatever.

You know how people say, you can tell the age of a person by looking at their hands... well, that motivated me to keep my hands in better shape- lots of lotion, sunscreen and by lubing my hands up and popping on the moisturizing gloves. After a couple nights sleep with your feet and hands being pampered, it sure does make a difference! The look and feel LIKE NEW!

Good Bargain too: about $6-$8 at Ulta. Target has them too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I really love my bangs. They are not totally new but they have grown to the length that I really like best. They are long but not. Does that even make sense? Well, the most important part is that they are covering my eyebrows that need to be waxed and tweezed back to perfection. But since I am feeling too lazy and too cheap, that just isn't happening soon enough.

Getting bangs made me change my look a bit and even my attitude just a tad. I feel kinda hard ass with them. Not sure why, but I just do. Maybe b/c my hair is dark and how it frames my face. I feel like I might look like I give off the "Don't even THINK about messing with me- I've got bangs!" look. Uhhh, so yah. I like them, I love them- you should try some out, they grow back so it's a low risk investment. (FYI- I took a slew of pictures covering my face b/c I just wasn't feeling camera ready but I didn't look nearly as tough with hands over my face)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Curl.Life Spray Gel

Those of you with wavy or curly hair need to try out Curl.Life Spray gel by Matrix. I have wavy hair on some days, curly hair on others and frizzy all the time unless I do something to help it out. Curl.Life doesn't just help, it fixes the problem. My other problem is that I don't usually wear my hair curly or wavy intentionally most days because the curls/waves end up sucking and looking like crap. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Curl.Life has really made my hair look so much better and frizz free. The curls literally have more life. Give it a try, all you pretty headed gals! It's about $17 for a smallish bottle but just a few sprays and you are good to go.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TJ's French Market Limeade

I am not a Limeade drinker. I don't even really like limes unless they are in my Bacardi & Diet Cokes but for some magical and sparkly reason Trader Joe's French Market Limeade is my drink this summer. I even drink it without vodka sometimes so you know, I must really like it. It has the perfect amount of bubbly and it's not overly sugary. It's refreshing and crisp, therefore, I'm loving it. Drink up for under $4 a bottle, since we are on the topic of the bottle, it is a pretty bottle, I held onto it hoping to put some fresh flowers in it someday. Someone call Hoarders on me, we know I'll probably never get around to actually doing it.

Stella & Dot Jewelry

I want to be Stella, I want to be Dot. Talk about amazing and beautiful jewelry that has something for everyone! A friend sent me an email introducing me to Stella & Dot, I fell in love the minute my eyes first saw the jewelry, so much that I am now an independent stylist and selling it too. I can wear the most boring outfit in the world and throw on any Stella & Dot jewelry and look instantly refreshed and completely presentable. From bold and funky to simple and classic- they have it all. I can introduce you to more, just say the words and I'll coming running to show my goods- the jewelry that is. Check out my online boutique too:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wish I had a better reason for not blogging. The birthday season hit, holidays and then FARMVILLE. Yes, people- I have fallen into the FarmVille love. Of course, a bit late, because I was AVOIDING it-- knowing it just "was not my thing", until I accepted a neighbor request (this is FV lingo).

I am hooked like a junkie. I am plotting and planning my day around when my harvest is ready, it is true. I am a full blown DORK and I love it!

Thanks to my pal, Julie, who told me I would really enjoy it, she has turned me into this... this... this mess that I have become via Facebook. I woke up early the other day because I knew my artichokes were ready to be harvested. I can't get up early typically unless there is a fire in the house or maybe an earthquake.

So here I am admitting my new addiction that is FREE, all you need is a Facebook account and PLEASE, if you join, Be My Neighbor. Gotta go, the raspberries are ready!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

L'Occitane Green Tea Eau de Toilette

"ooh, you smell good"-- this is what you will hear when you wear L'Occitane Green Tea. It is my everyday smell. I only wear 3 total smells, but this one is my constant. It really does smell good on everyone, have not met a single person yet who doesn't like it.

My friend, Rachel introduced me to it years ago and I can't stop loving it.

Think Clean
Think Crisp
Think Fresh

Cruelty Free brand too. All for just under $50 at L'Occitane en Provence.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Candy Cane Lane Celestial Seasonings Tea

Peppermint Tea is quite divine, but Candy Cane Lane Green Tea is beyond divine. It is a peppermint tea with a hint of vanilla and other spices that give it a special touch. I've decided that anything "holiday" themed is a favorite thing of mine. It's perfect for a chilly night and if you have a bit of a stuffed up nose, it sure helps you breathe easily again. Plus, look at the box? It's got little polar bears in aprons with candy canes. Who can resist that? $3 at your local grocer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell Haley Flats

It's that time of year when toes get covered up and it's time to wear some cute flats with jeans. I finally threw out (can't donate them, these kicks have been around the mall one too many times) my stand by black flats and upgraded to these adorable ones by Jeffrey Campbell. I love them. I feel like I am playing dress up in these shoes.

They are just sooo cute! Must have for this season. $100 Nordies

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nature's Gate Toothpaste

In my quest for Cruelty-Free product use only, I have been scared to actually switch my toothpaste. I've been a Crest user all my life and to make the switch now seemed almost CRAZY. I finally bought a cruelty-free toothpaste after asking people and searching the web. I not only bought it and used it, but I love it. Nature's Gate spearmint paste is really refreshing. I like the packaging too. Something about the simplicity of it all. So far it works, (well... someone, be a pal and please tell me if it isn't.)

It's a bit more than my normal paste but, I am willing to spend the extra money if I know an animal didn't have to suffer so I could have clean teeth.
Found this at Sprouts on sale for $3.99

Surgi Honey Wax Face Strips

Yes, I did it. I am announcing to my solid 10 readers that I love Surgi Honey Wax Face Strips. I'm not gonna lie. My lip needs to be waxed, I blame the Italian genes. Eyebrows too but I leave those to the pros. The lip, it's easy-- just take it all off. These strips are so easy.... so while I am getting ready in the morning, I notice a 'stache, I can just quickly take care of it with these easy no heat strips. The ol' microwave doesn't need to be used and it saves so much time.

Simply rub the 2 strips in the palms of your hands to warm them up a bit, pull them apart and you have two strips, one for each side. Pop them on and voila-- no 'stache. Easy. Maybe a little tweezer here or that to make sure it's all good and you are done.

About $7, and you can be all- women for the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Velvet-Like Hangers

I don't know about you, but I know for me- personally, if my clothes make it on a hanger-- they better stay on the hanger! It's enough of a chore getting laundry done but then actually putting the clothes away-- sheesh! That's why these hangers are so important to me. Too often, I see clothes that have slid off the hangers and end up on the floor. This is not okay.

This is why you need these wanna-be velvet hangers, they grab the clothing a bit so they do not slide off--- even those wide necked tops stay.

For Real. Invest in at least 50 of them for only $15 at Costco.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pottery Barn Grand Phone

Ring Ring!
Ring Ring!
Ring Ring!

It may be a tele-marketer but it sure is fun to answer this Party Barn phone. And it makes saying, "No thanks, not interested" feel pretty cool.

Not many people have home phones anymore but if you are in the market for a new one... this should be it! It feels heavy and durable, so even if the home phone never rings, it could be used as a weapon as well. Let's hope you never need to.... but you never know.

One time I even made an out-going call from it! I prefer the black one. $59

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trader Joe's Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

The #1 reason I wanted a kitchen mixer was to make chocolate chip cookies by the dozens. And that is fine for the first couple of cookie sheets until I get bored with cookie baking and decide to just make one giant cookie because I want to be done with them. This, as you know turns into burnt outer edge of giant cookie and raw center. We eat it anyway of course but you know, not the the particular vision I had for my cookie baking extravaganza!

Then I found out about the Trader Joe's Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I don't make them by the dozens anymore, but by the 16s because that is how many come in a box!

They are so so so so DELICIOUS! My own homemade cookies do not compare to the TJ ones. It's embarrassing to tell you this, but the TJ ones actually taste better than YOURS too.

Oh and I don't have to really clean anything once done, just the cookie sheet. They are frozen and you literally, plop them on the sheet, cook for 15 minutes and then done. So simple and so delicious and so worth $4.59. Find them in the frozen section at Trader Joe's, the yummiest section in the whole store!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zinnia Shower Curtain

Something about shower curtains that make me excited. I think it is the fact that you can pretty much make-over your bathroom based on a shower curtain. This one from Garnet Hill is so happy and cheery-- full of color! I just bought it and will say that when I look at it I smile. Thankfully it matches all our towels already and an entire bathroom re-vamp isn't need.

Who knew that a simple curtain could put a smile on this girl's face so easily! I purchased it online and I'm not a big "online" shopper since I like roaming around stores wasting my day away, touching and feeling and smelling items. Yes, smelling. Have you ever bought something and realized it smells funny and then you hate it? Well, I have and it's no fun.

This smells fine, looks perfect in the bathroom and therefore, is blogable! $45 on

(is blogable a word?)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red Hot Chicago Dogs

Happy 4th of July!! 

 In honor of this lovely holiday, I am sharing with you, my all time favorite HOT DOG!  RED HOT CHICAGO-- they are truly the best tasting hot dogs in the world.  I happened to find them b/c of my old job, the catering manager ordered them wholesale for the club and I was able to enjoy RED HOTS on a regular basis back then. 

Now, I do not know where to buy them unless you buy them wholesale or fly out to Chicago and eat in their restaurant.  Anyhow, I love a good dog, but this one is beyond good, it's OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Have a lovely 4th and God Bless America. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yoga Toes

What a silly product!  What an amazing product!  I had a day where I stood for 6 hours straight and it involved pushing/pulling dollies and loading my car up and  setting a trade show booth up for work. 

My feet were literally throbbing by the time I got home. 

After my husband's sad attempt of a foot massage (sorry, babe, but that massage sucked, you know it), I busted out my yoga toes! And I am glad I did, within 15 minutes of wearing them, my feet felt almost back to normal.  I put them back on an hour later and my feet were completely back to normal.   This was of course a better alternative to sawing my feet off completely.  I was contemplating doing that because I thought that might actually feel better. 

I was introduced to Yoga Toes by my friend, Nicole, who told me she loves hers.  So I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought them for $10.  What a wonderful investment!  Thanks, Nicole! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Ironing?  What's ironing?  Before we got married, my fiance asked me if I will be washing and ironing his work shirts or if he needs to continue bringing them to the cleaner.  After I was done laughing, I informed him that I don't know how to sew buttons or iron.  

He still married me and I keep an ample supply of Downy Wrinkle Releaser around for my pretend ironing when needed.  Work shirts still go to the pros but there are a few times a week I need to spray some of this on a shirt or two just to get them looking a bit more crisp (especially if the shirt I plan to wear is wadded up in a ball in the corner).   Wrinkle Releaser is worth the $4.89.  Anything that makes me not have to iron is worth any amount.