Sunday, November 7, 2010

Curl.Life Spray Gel

Those of you with wavy or curly hair need to try out Curl.Life Spray gel by Matrix. I have wavy hair on some days, curly hair on others and frizzy all the time unless I do something to help it out. Curl.Life doesn't just help, it fixes the problem. My other problem is that I don't usually wear my hair curly or wavy intentionally most days because the curls/waves end up sucking and looking like crap. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Curl.Life has really made my hair look so much better and frizz free. The curls literally have more life. Give it a try, all you pretty headed gals! It's about $17 for a smallish bottle but just a few sprays and you are good to go.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TJ's French Market Limeade

I am not a Limeade drinker. I don't even really like limes unless they are in my Bacardi & Diet Cokes but for some magical and sparkly reason Trader Joe's French Market Limeade is my drink this summer. I even drink it without vodka sometimes so you know, I must really like it. It has the perfect amount of bubbly and it's not overly sugary. It's refreshing and crisp, therefore, I'm loving it. Drink up for under $4 a bottle, since we are on the topic of the bottle, it is a pretty bottle, I held onto it hoping to put some fresh flowers in it someday. Someone call Hoarders on me, we know I'll probably never get around to actually doing it.

Stella & Dot Jewelry

I want to be Stella, I want to be Dot. Talk about amazing and beautiful jewelry that has something for everyone! A friend sent me an email introducing me to Stella & Dot, I fell in love the minute my eyes first saw the jewelry, so much that I am now an independent stylist and selling it too. I can wear the most boring outfit in the world and throw on any Stella & Dot jewelry and look instantly refreshed and completely presentable. From bold and funky to simple and classic- they have it all. I can introduce you to more, just say the words and I'll coming running to show my goods- the jewelry that is. Check out my online boutique too:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wish I had a better reason for not blogging. The birthday season hit, holidays and then FARMVILLE. Yes, people- I have fallen into the FarmVille love. Of course, a bit late, because I was AVOIDING it-- knowing it just "was not my thing", until I accepted a neighbor request (this is FV lingo).

I am hooked like a junkie. I am plotting and planning my day around when my harvest is ready, it is true. I am a full blown DORK and I love it!

Thanks to my pal, Julie, who told me I would really enjoy it, she has turned me into this... this... this mess that I have become via Facebook. I woke up early the other day because I knew my artichokes were ready to be harvested. I can't get up early typically unless there is a fire in the house or maybe an earthquake.

So here I am admitting my new addiction that is FREE, all you need is a Facebook account and PLEASE, if you join, Be My Neighbor. Gotta go, the raspberries are ready!!