Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yoga Toes

What a silly product!  What an amazing product!  I had a day where I stood for 6 hours straight and it involved pushing/pulling dollies and loading my car up and  setting a trade show booth up for work. 

My feet were literally throbbing by the time I got home. 

After my husband's sad attempt of a foot massage (sorry, babe, but that massage sucked, you know it), I busted out my yoga toes! And I am glad I did, within 15 minutes of wearing them, my feet felt almost back to normal.  I put them back on an hour later and my feet were completely back to normal.   This was of course a better alternative to sawing my feet off completely.  I was contemplating doing that because I thought that might actually feel better. 

I was introduced to Yoga Toes by my friend, Nicole, who told me she loves hers.  So I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought them for $10.  What a wonderful investment!  Thanks, Nicole! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Ironing?  What's ironing?  Before we got married, my fiance asked me if I will be washing and ironing his work shirts or if he needs to continue bringing them to the cleaner.  After I was done laughing, I informed him that I don't know how to sew buttons or iron.  

He still married me and I keep an ample supply of Downy Wrinkle Releaser around for my pretend ironing when needed.  Work shirts still go to the pros but there are a few times a week I need to spray some of this on a shirt or two just to get them looking a bit more crisp (especially if the shirt I plan to wear is wadded up in a ball in the corner).   Wrinkle Releaser is worth the $4.89.  Anything that makes me not have to iron is worth any amount.  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wasabi Peas

SNACK TIME!  I love me some wasabi peas for a snack.  Specifically, the Trader Joes brand is the most delicious that I have tried.  Now, some people love these and some people hate them.  My husband can't stand them but that's fine by me because that means he won't eat my snack-- it's all for me!    I have made the mistake of putting too many of them in my mouth at the same time and ended up with a fiery nose and tears pouring down my face, but that was my fault for not eating them slowly and one by one.  I like to bring these to the movie theater with me so I won't buy popcorn.  Often times I still buy the popcorn but whatever, Can't blame me for "trying".  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mad Men DVD Season 1

IF you do not watch Mad Men already, then you are really missing out on some good television.  I heard about Mad Men and saw that Season 1 got 6 emmys and yadda yadda tadda.  I finally watched and I am hooked, like CRazY hooked.  Season 1 is available until mid July on ON DEMAND (Cox). 

Setting: 1960's advertising agency.  Think the good ol' days until you watch and realize, "those are ol' days, but not so good."  Smoking is about at prevalent as breathing, alcohol is water and even the goody goodies are cheating on the wives.

I like the outfits and the old school education.  Kids riding in cars w/out seat belts and playing with plastic bags on their heads was normal.  Women sit at home and cook, smoke, drink, and have babies- all at the same time.  It's comical!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MaryJane Socks for BABY!

I mean seriously, look at these ADORABLE MaryJane socks for a baby girl. This is the perfect gift for a baby who has everything already! They are delightfully funny and really cute.  Next baby girl born I know gets a pair, depending if I have $25 to spend on a pair of socks that a baby will out-grown in a few months.  Totally worth it right? 

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I can not get enough watermelon in my system this season.  Why must it taste so good.  Thank goodness it is a fruit and not a starch.  

So, I am gonna guess, you all know what a watermelon is and I won't have to go into any detail.  Here is my one gripe about them, they are so heavy.  So buying one is very fun until you come home from the grocer and you need to bring it into the house.  I am one of those people that likes to carry every-single grocery bag in one trip from car to house (minus Costco trips).  

Anyhow, the w-melon just ruins that whole game for me-- it's almost impossible!  I tried once and dropped the green melon of love and it split.  It happened in slow motion and for some reason afterwards, I was so glad that I don't have kids.  Do you think I'll play this one trip from car to house game if I had kids in tow?  Let's hope NOT!

Those glass containers I posted earlier are perfect for cutting up 1/2 a melon and putting it in containers so I (errr, WE- meaning you and me) can munch on it at home or bring it to work with me.

Seedless melons are on sale right now and in season across the nation for about $4.50 each, give or take a few cents.