Monday, March 21, 2011

Boots Cuticle Oil

There is one very easy way to save a manicure or pedicure... Cuticle Oil. Any will do but I particularly like Boots because of the adorable packaging. It works just as good as 99cent oil. Every time I notice my pedicure not looking as fresh anymore, all I need to do is dab a little cuticle oil on my toesies and they look all jazzed up in about 30 seconds.

Same goes for manicures, I don't get those too often though because then I won't wash any dishes for a week or really wash anything, clean anything or really actually move for fear of ruining my manicure or chipping a nail. But when my nails looks a bit tired or dry, dab dab here and dab dab there and they are refreshed. SOLD! Next time you are at Target, you can pick up Boots Cuticle Oil for $8 or you can really just buy whatever is the cheapest, they are all the same and have the same fabulous outcome.

Time to oil up, my little beauties.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Martha Stewart's Rub Away Bar

Cooking is something I do on a regular basis. Often times it involves cutting up onions and garlic and then I wash my hands and they still smell like onions and garlic. Soap just will not do. That is why Martha's RUB AWAY BAR is amazing. It is a hollow stainless steal bar, shaped like a bar of soap. All you do is rub your hands with it under water and it neutralizes the scent. It's pretty fantastic, people! How genius is this? It's one thing to make an amazing pot roast, but it's another to smell like one too.