Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I really love my bangs. They are not totally new but they have grown to the length that I really like best. They are long but not. Does that even make sense? Well, the most important part is that they are covering my eyebrows that need to be waxed and tweezed back to perfection. But since I am feeling too lazy and too cheap, that just isn't happening soon enough.

Getting bangs made me change my look a bit and even my attitude just a tad. I feel kinda hard ass with them. Not sure why, but I just do. Maybe b/c my hair is dark and how it frames my face. I feel like I might look like I give off the "Don't even THINK about messing with me- I've got bangs!" look. Uhhh, so yah. I like them, I love them- you should try some out, they grow back so it's a low risk investment. (FYI- I took a slew of pictures covering my face b/c I just wasn't feeling camera ready but I didn't look nearly as tough with hands over my face)

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