Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nosefrida, The Snot Sucker

Yes, I am blogging about a SNOTSUCKER. Let's start off with the basics here, I know it sounds gross but I swear... If you are a mom of a new baby or have a friend who just had a baby. YOU NEED TO BUY NOSEFRIDA for yourself or as a gift. I first heard about it when I saw it at my sister's house... I was afraid to ask what it was. I thought it looked a little... uhhh, what's the word? PERSONAL? Then she told me that she uses it on the baby to get the snot out of the baby's nose and it that it was a MIRACLE. I saw it work as a miracle too. She inserted it in the baby's nose and placed the end of the tube to her lips and sucked. AND THEN THE BABY WAS HAPPY. That is really all you need to know. THE BABY WAS HAPPY. Check it out. You can buy at Whole Foods too. ** there is a filter, snot will not go in your mouth.

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