Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yoga Toes

What a silly product!  What an amazing product!  I had a day where I stood for 6 hours straight and it involved pushing/pulling dollies and loading my car up and  setting a trade show booth up for work. 

My feet were literally throbbing by the time I got home. 

After my husband's sad attempt of a foot massage (sorry, babe, but that massage sucked, you know it), I busted out my yoga toes! And I am glad I did, within 15 minutes of wearing them, my feet felt almost back to normal.  I put them back on an hour later and my feet were completely back to normal.   This was of course a better alternative to sawing my feet off completely.  I was contemplating doing that because I thought that might actually feel better. 

I was introduced to Yoga Toes by my friend, Nicole, who told me she loves hers.  So I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought them for $10.  What a wonderful investment!  Thanks, Nicole! 

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