Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I joined a bowling league.  I am not an avid bowler either but I joined a league because it sounded fun.  It was thru friends.  It's a gay bowling league so it's even more fun than just a plain ol' regular bowling league.   Our team name is Rated R so I won't share and we drink and bowl.  It's FABI! 

I dress just like the picture here too and I bowl and average of 110-- the worst bowler on the league and I don't care-- I have fun!  You can join one also, prices range but mine is $16/week and it goes for 26 weeks.  Oh and like another $20 to register with nationals.  This it totally legit, I am a card carrying bowler.  Don't mess with me.

I even bought shoes.  Now I just need a Hello Kitty ball.