Monday, February 21, 2011

Patricia Wexler Night Repair Cream

The time has come. I need to use a special night face cream. I've been using Patty's Night Reversal & Repair Cream for a couple years now and I still get carded sometimes when I buy alcohol (AND once last month while buying a lotto ticket!!) so I think it works pretty well. The good genes and extra weight I carry may help with keeping my baby face but I like to think this cream has a bit to do with it too. I like having that regime, it makes me feel like a starlet. I am going to admit that some nights (okay many nights) I barely wash my face but when I do, I am so good about applying this super think moisturizing cream to my face and neck. While I sleep, I envision everything being all repaired and perfect so when I wake up I look like Jennifer Lopez.

The entire Patricia Wexler line is pretty awesome. I use many of her products but this night cream is my fav! It's about $40 at Bath and Body Works, I use all sorts of coupons and often times it goes on sale. That's when I buy it.

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