Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aveda's tourmaline charged radiance mask

Who doesn't want a face looking radiant and fresh? I've tried quite a few masks in my day, many say they will change your face on the very first application. This isn't true. But one sticks out that I really do think made a difference in my skin texture after every single application. It's Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Mask. I was gifted it originally and have since purchased it over and over again. Once a week I apply this mask and I feel like I am one of those girls in a movie who wears a mask and has her hair all pulled back typing away at her computer. That's ME... RIGHT NOW. If I were not dressed like a homeless person right now I would share a picture. The mask is on for 7-8 minutes, I totally wear it for much longer. Try not to go over 15. It doesn't harder, it just makes you look all white faced. The cats are staring at me right now with a look of confusion. My husband doesn't even think twice about it since he sees this happen once a week. So once I wash this off with warm water and a wash cloth, it can see and feel the difference. It's like new skin sitting waiting to be touched. I apply a generous amount of lotion and let it all soak in. I'm radiant and only spent $40.

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