Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zinnia Shower Curtain

Something about shower curtains that make me excited. I think it is the fact that you can pretty much make-over your bathroom based on a shower curtain. This one from Garnet Hill is so happy and cheery-- full of color! I just bought it and will say that when I look at it I smile. Thankfully it matches all our towels already and an entire bathroom re-vamp isn't need.

Who knew that a simple curtain could put a smile on this girl's face so easily! I purchased it online and I'm not a big "online" shopper since I like roaming around stores wasting my day away, touching and feeling and smelling items. Yes, smelling. Have you ever bought something and realized it smells funny and then you hate it? Well, I have and it's no fun.

This smells fine, looks perfect in the bathroom and therefore, is blogable! $45 on

(is blogable a word?)


Miriam Serxner Wrobel said...

I have the duvet cover! Love it!

NC said...

Miriam- Love this print! I want to buy another curtain to make a table cloth out of it maybe...somehow. Have someone else do it for me probably. ha ha