Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wish I had a better reason for not blogging. The birthday season hit, holidays and then FARMVILLE. Yes, people- I have fallen into the FarmVille love. Of course, a bit late, because I was AVOIDING it-- knowing it just "was not my thing", until I accepted a neighbor request (this is FV lingo).

I am hooked like a junkie. I am plotting and planning my day around when my harvest is ready, it is true. I am a full blown DORK and I love it!

Thanks to my pal, Julie, who told me I would really enjoy it, she has turned me into this... this... this mess that I have become via Facebook. I woke up early the other day because I knew my artichokes were ready to be harvested. I can't get up early typically unless there is a fire in the house or maybe an earthquake.

So here I am admitting my new addiction that is FREE, all you need is a Facebook account and PLEASE, if you join, Be My Neighbor. Gotta go, the raspberries are ready!!

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